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11 Plus English

For you
Formal English
The English tests usually look at comprehension and language skills. Sometimes punctuation and usage of words are included in the tests.

Story Writing
Some authorities count a written story as the formal English exercise. Others then use the story or written exercise as part of the selection process and award marks. In other 11 Plus tests, the story is not given any marks but is used as part of the assessment - and as a tool in an appeal.

Reading the question carefully and writing a careful plan are important skills to learn. Learning to work to strict time limits is also useful. The question may, for example, contain the words: ‘You have fifteen minutes. Spend 5 minutes reading the question and planning your answer and 10 minutes writing.’

For your child
You will get marked on a story that you will have to write. The judges look at certain things to mark a story. For example marks could be awarded for:

  • Answering the Questions
  • Writing a Plan
  • Following the Plan
  • Content
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Presentation

You must be neat and tidy. Check your work over. If you are asked to write a plan, then write a plan.

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