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What is the 11 Plus Exam?

For you
The 11 Plus examinations enable certain types of schools to select children. The selection tests are not only used by Grammar schools but also by some of the newer City Academies. Independent and private schools also use 11 Plus examinations. Just as there is a wide range of schools, there is a range of different 11 Plus examinations.

Parents naturally have a right to choose the school they would like their child to attend. Some children are best suited to a comprehensive school. Some children prefer single sex schools while others may enjoy co-educational schools.

Helping your child to pass a competitive examination like the 11 Plus is often a satisfying and enjoyable adventure. Some parents prefer to work on their own with their children. Some children are entered for the examination with no help at all. Other parents start early and work towards the examinations over a period of years with a tutor or a tutorial organisation.

On the day of the 11 Plus examination all children within the same area have the same papers and the same opportunities. Careful preparation can change the nature of the whole examination experience. Every year we prepare over 500 children in the Kent area for the 11 Plus examinations.

For your child
You need to take 11 Plus examinations if you want to give yourself a choice. Once you have passed the 11 Plus examination you can choose if you want to go to a grammar school or not. A few years ago we had seven children who passed the 11 Plus but chose not to go to grammar school.

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