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11 Plus Multiple Choice Work

For you
In multiple choice tests children have to select an answer from a number of alternatives. These answers are often written on separate answer sheets. In this way, it is possible to cover a wide variety of material in a single examination.

Children who are taking different 11 Plus tests may need to be capable in both techniques as different exams may use both traditional short answer questions as well as multiple choice questions.

Some children need to be taught how to cope with multiple choice questions. The children can be shown, for example, how to eliminate answers that are clearly inappropriate. These answers are sometimes called ‘distracters’ as they will appear to be correct. Occasionally there may be two correct answers - but one is more accurate or a fuller answer.

Learning to read multiple choice questions can also be very useful. Multiple choice questions are designed to test the recall of facts and/or understanding. There is usually no penalty for wrong answers - so learning to take ‘educated guesses’ can also be valuable.

For your child
The trap that many kids fall into with multiple choice answers is that they just have a guess instead of actually working the question out. This is a sure way to get poor marks. Remember, every question is important so therefore you must work through it before filling in your answer block. If the answer you arrive at is not listed and you are really stuck, then and only then, should you make an educated guess.

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