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11 Plus and the National Curriculum

For you
Some children may need to cover basics within the National Curriculum before tacking actual 11 Plus work. A child may, for example, have difficulty with comprehension. Poor comprehension would affect understanding of the questions in verbal reasoning and mathematics - as well as in English.

If time is a problem, it is also possible to undertake help with the National Curriculum whilst the child is working on an 11 Plus course.

If you are concerned about basics within the National Curriculum then a careful assessment will help to identify the areas (if any) in which your child would benefit from some extra tuition.

For your child
In the 11 Plus exams, you may need to tackle easy topics. It’s important to revise these topics regularly so that you don’t forget all the hard work you’ve already done.

Sometimes you’ll need to revise your current school work as well, so that you are ready to advance to the level required for the 11 Plus. Some of this work will be entirely new to you while some will be more work that you are already familiar with.

It is important that you read a lot and understand what you are reading. This will help with understanding the exam questions and what they want you to do, help to develop your vocabulary so that you can use impressive words in your writing test and enable you to understand verbal reasoning questions.

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