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11 Plus Exam Short Questions

For you
Some 11 Plus mathematics papers feature questions with several parts. Children must learn to read the questions carefully and attempt every part. At ETC, we sometimes meet very able children who are used arriving at answers simply in their heads. These children have to learn to show all their working.

Even if questions are only partially completed, marks are sometimes given for the work that has been attempted.

Verbal reasoning papers can also have short answer questions.

If you are unsure about which papers to purchase and practice contact us for more information.

For your child
If your exam has short answer questions (rather than multiple choice) then you can be sure that some of them will have two or maybe three parts to them. It is essential that you write down your working out, because to carry such complicated reasoning in your head and still achieve success is really difficult to do. More often than not you will make a mistake. Watch out for places on the paper where you are expected to do your working out. Normally, if a space has been provided then it is likely that marks will be awarded for the working placed in that space.

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