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11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Explained

For you
Verbal reasoning tests measure verbal ability. The scores correlate highly with academic success; the higher the verbal reasoning score the more likely the child will achieve good results in GCSE and A level examinations.

Results of verbal reasoning tests can be also used for educational guidance. This information is often used along with teacher assessments and attainment scores in English and mathematics. Verbal Reasoning scores, however, can not say how hard a child will work at school.

For your child
You will probably have to read a wide selection of books. By reading a lot you will improve the number of words you know and you will need a strong vocabulary to deal with the range of questions in the verbal reasoning tests. Try to make time to do some reading every day. Choose some difficult books and take the time to look up unfamiliar or hard words in a dictionary. Learn the new words. Make sure you are confident of the key words you will meet in the verbal reasoning tests.

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